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not find Bellofs lap times on the FIAs official Olivetti/Longines results sheets for 1984. His name, and that of team-mate Marti

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This summers Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio could trigger a full-blown global health disaster and must be postponed or relocated, according to a professor writing in the Harvard Public Health Review. Amir Attaran, professor of law and medicine at the University of Ottawa, says the outbreak of the Zika virus is more dangerous and extensive than previously thought and its inevitable spread worldwide may be accelerated when an estimated 500,000 foreign tourists visit Rio for the Games.The current Zika outbreak was first identified in Brazil in April 2015 and has been linked to cases of microcephaly - when babies are born with below-average head sizes - across large parts of South and Central America. Professor Attaran wrote: Zika infection is more dangerous, and Brazils outbreak more extensive, than scientists reckoned a short time ago. Which leads to a bitter truth: the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games must be postponed, moved, or both, as a precautionary concession.All it takes is one infected traveller. Analyses establish that Brazils cataclysmic outbreak stems from a single viral introduction event likely between May and December 2013. A few viral introductions of that kind, in a few countries, or maybe continents, would make a full-blown global health disaster. It has been claimed that Rio is at the heart of the Zika outbreak Mass migration into the heart of an outbreak is a public health no-brainer. Putting sentimentality aside, clearly the Rio 2016 Games must not proceed.Zika is carried and spread by mosquitoes, although there have also been reported cases of sexual transmission.It was initially linked only to severe birth defects, but subsequent clinical studies have also shown health implications for adults, including the debilitating and sometimes fatal Guillain-Barré syndrome.The outbreak has been declared a global public health emergency by the World Health Organisation (WHO), but the International Olympic Committee (IOC) stated earlier this year that Rio was only on the periphery of infected areas and that the Games could proceed safely.However, Professor Attaran wrote: Rio de Janeiros suspected Zika cases are the highest of any state in Brazil (26,000), and its Zika incidence rate is the fourth worst (157 per 100,000). Or in other words: according to Brazils official data, Rio is not on the fringes of the outbreak, but inside its heart. The International Olympic Committee insists the Games will be safe Proceeding with the Games violates what the Olympics stand for. How socially responsible or ethical is it to spread disease?When contacted by Sky Sports, the IOC replied with a statement that read: We are working with our partners in Rio on measures to deal with the pools of stagnant water around the Olympic venues, where the mosquitoes breed, to minimise the risk of visitors coming into contact with them. It is also important to note that the Rio 2016 Games will take place during the winter months of August and September, when the drier, cooler climate significantly reduces the presence of mosquitoes and therefore the risk of infection.The Olympic Games take place from August 5-21, with the Paralympic Games following from September 7-18. Also See: Ennis-Hill worried by Zika Singh to miss Rio due to Zika Armitstead unfazed by Zika BOA monitoring Zika Authentic Cowboys Jerseys . Following a lopsided 5-2 loss against the New Jersey Devils on Wednesday night, Paul MacLean told reporters that "theres a lack of focus, theres a lack of leadership and theres a lack of preparation" with his struggling team. That came on the heels of Bryan Murray taking the unusual step of going into the locker room at the Prudential Center and addressing the players himself. Cowboys Jerseys Free Shipping . "It doesnt get any better than that," Giambi said. "Im speechless." The Indians are roaring toward October. Giambi belted a two-run, pinch-hit homer with two outs in the ninth inning to give Cleveland a shocking 5-4 win over the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday night, keeping the Indians up with the lead pack in the AL wild-card race. . Rob Manfred, baseballs chief operating officer, testified last week during the grievance filed by the players union to overturn Rodriguezs 211-game suspension. A person familiar with the hearing, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press on Saturday that Manfred testified the sport wasnt concerned whether Bosch distributed performance-enhancing drugs to minors because MLBs interest was his relationship with players under investigation. Connor Williams Jersey . Its an influence in football and a big part of the game. Blue Cowboys Jerseys . Its sharpness matched my mind. This was no night to go to sleep. Who would be Charlie Whiting? Last Sunday he was damned if he did and damned if he didnt.The race director had to walk the fine line between providing a race for the bedraggled spectators around the track and an expectant audience sitting in the dry at home while, at the same time, carrying the can should something go terribly wrong.Take Kimi R?ikk?nens spin as one example. What if someone had speared through the spray and into the hapless Finn? What if that car had ridden up the nose of the Ferrari and struck the driver? What if bits of debris had flown into the pit lane or the grandstand?Hypothetical and pessimistic, I know. But its not difficult to imagine the headlines the following morning as the world - fed by a voracious media - demanded answers. In the event of a fatality or serious injury, the first question in these Health and Safety obsessed days would have been: Surely it was madness to allow the race to run in those conditions? Over to you, Mr. Whiting.As it happens, the race director and his team called it absolutely right. With one proviso. The second red flag was so much of a mystery at the time that Niki Lauda and TV commentators questioned it in public.In fact, the decision was driven by the fairly certain knowledge that the poor weather was set to continue, thus bringing further tedious safety car running as the clock ticked towards the two-hour cut-off. Far better, it was reasoned, to wait for an improvement and then get on with the racing. Which is exactly what happened. The single failure was not to relay such commendable logic to the waiting world and short-circuit the subsequent bad PR.Lauda did say that drivers should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not to race. Its difficult to argue with the triple world champion on that one, particularly when he quit the teeming wet 1976 Japanese Grand Prix knowing that ballsy decision might assist James Hunt to the title.When discussing last Sundays fantastic motor race (to quote CChristian Horner and many others), it is worth noting that the same sentiments might have been voiced post-race at Suzuka 2014 had Jules Bianchi not had his appalling accident.dddddddddddd Without getting into a discussion about the reason behind it, the crash did highlight the difficulties facing the man with his finger hovering over the red button.Much has been written and tweeted about Max Verstappens drive (and lets not forget Lewis Hamiltons peerless performance at the front) with comparisons being made between the Red Bull drivers stunning commitment and that of Ayrton Senna at Monaco in 1984.On that day, 32 years ago, the responsibility for halting the wet race lay with Jacky Ickx, the Clerk of the Course. Here was a man who knew all about winning in the rain (think 1968 French Grand Prix at Rouen) and yet he faced calls to have this one stopped. Ickx duly showed the red flag after 31 laps -- just as Senna, driving the cumbersome Toleman-Hart, had caught and was about to pass Alain Prosts leading McLaren-TAG.Sennas first F1 win denied by an official decision? Possibly not. A look at the lap times shows the leaders being caught hand-over fist by Stefan Bellof in the nimble non-turbo Tyrrell-Ford. Sennas fastest lap had been 1:54.334 on lap 24. His final three laps were 1:55.666, 1:59.008 and 1:59.433. Bellofs final three were 1:54.978 (his fastest), 1:58.949 and 1:59.219.You will not find Bellofs lap times on the FIAs official Olivetti/Longines results sheets for 1984. His name, and that of team-mate Martin Brundle, was surgically removed after Tyrrell had been thrown out of the championship later in the year.At least we wont have that to contend with when discussing what might have happened in the championship had different decisions been made last Sunday. Then again, given this roller-coaster season, anything could happen. Wholesale NFL Hoodies Cheap Jerseys Cheap NFL Black Jerseys NFL Jerseys From China Cheap NFL T-shirts Youth NFL Jerseys Cheap Discount NFL Jerseys ' ' '

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